A Call for Snail Mail

I cannot believe that this girl is going to be 4 years old in 2 weeks. CRAZY that I will be a mother to a 4 year old!

Her birthday is in a week and a half, March 3rd and I had a really great thought of how to celebrate her birthday.


Lou LOVES mail. She loves getting cards, packages, and even junk mail. She lights up when we go downstairs to check our mailbox and she eagerly asks for me to lift her up so she can peak in the box. She just loves it, and who doesn’t? Getting snail mail is the best!

So here’s the thought: BLAST HER WITH SNAIL MAIL.

Obviously this requires the participation of YOU.

I would be incredibly grateful and excited if you would help me out.  You could send her anything. A card, a piece of paper with a drawing on it, an envelope with a penny. Whatever. An envelope with her name on it would suffice. She would LOVE it. Help me out?

Email me, FaceBook me, or text me for our address. 

THANK YOU. This is going to be such a fun Birthday Surprise for her!


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Martha Twitchell

I am definitely in on this! Does she still love foxes?

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