Eleanor Rebekah’s Birth Story

Born Sept 11  4:28 AM 7 lbs .8oz and 21 inches long

Congratulations Aynna and Derek, she is stunning.

What an amazing birth to witness. It was beautiful, Aynna was beautiful, their home was beautiful. I am still just blown away by the whole thing and am getting choked up thinking about it. This was not only my first Birth Story documenting a natural child birth but also a home birth as well as a water birth.

Natural child birth is awesome and I am a huge advocate. I did it myself and it was the most empowering event of my life. Witnessing another woman experience it was rejuvenating and inspiring, and Aynna was phenomenal, her labor was beautiful. I never knew it could be beautiful, she was stunning.

It is amazing what our minds and spirits and bodies are capable of.  Amazing.

THANK YOU Derek and Aynna for inviting me into your home for this amazing event. Eleanor is adorable and I’m so happy you were able to bring her into this world exactly how you wanted.

If you would like to see all images from Derek and Aynna’s birth story click Here. If you would like your own story documented in home or hospital you can find more information on Birth Stories HERE. 

Chris Miller was the midwife for this delivery. She was astounding. If you are interested in a home birth or a birth at her Ogden Birth Center she can be contacted at  (801) 624-9988.

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the emily

Wow, wow wow wow. She is gorgeous! I am amazed at how many women opt for home births these days. It would terrify me! I think my favorite is the one with her head down and her fists clenched. OUCH. :) Congratulations to that sweet family, she is gorgeous.


I love these! Thank you so much! One correction though, she was 7 lbs .8 oz, or almost 1 oz. Love you! Thank you!

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