Letters of Love to Newtown

I have spent the day crying in my home, crying with my Loubug in my arms, and crying as I tried to distract myself with sightseeing on a pier of Seattle; all while being encompassed with this idea of a nameless mother frantically running to her car to drive to a school to see if her babies are waiting in the crowd. It plays like a video over and over again in my mind. I have seen and been praying for this nameless woman from the moment I read the news of Newtown.

Like many of you I am stricken with grief and sorrow from the new of the shootings in Newtown and much of my day I have spent wondering what, if anything, I could do. I have been sickened with the idea that while there were mothers and families and children weeping, scared, and completely surrounded with grief, I was at home sharing a nice quote on Facebook, doing what feels like nothing, going on with life while theirs fell apart.

The thought of writing letters to the people of Newtown came  shortly after hearing the news. I brushed off the idea as it seems like such a small thing to do for such a large tragedy. But, as I went about my day picturing this nameless women, I imagined her in a few short days walking to the mailbox and finding a note from a stranger. I imagined her feeling the rough envelope against her fingers and noting the scribbles of bright colored crayon on the back as she turned it around. I imagined her opening it and and for but a brief moment feeling a sense of love and hope as she read the words of love from a stranger.

When I think of the moments in my life when I have felt paralyzed with fear, pain, or grief, it has been the seemingly small and insignificant acts and words of kindness that have given me hope, comfort, and the strength to keep breathing. While this tragedy is beyond a grief I have felt, I like to think that we are the same, this nameless woman and I, in that small words can give us just enough hope, love, and comfort to carry us into the next morning.

So, I am sending letters to Newtown, as many letters as I can write. Letters filled of drawings from my daughter and cutout watercolor hearts, letters in the form of note cards, and letters scribbled on lined pages throughout the day, letters filled with words of love, sorrow, hope, and just possibly for someone, maybe some sort of comfort.

If you feel so inclined to join me in writing Letters of Love to Newtown, please do. You can mail the letters to me, in any form they might be, a drawing from you 6 year old, a note card from your teenager, or a lengthy letter of hope and love from yourself, to

Letters of Love to Newtown
c/o Sharon Johnson
1220 N 45th st #214
Seattle, WA 98103
or send directly to the school
Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Drive
Sandy Hook, CT 06482

Letters to and from all ages are needed and remember that while a single letter doesn’t seem like much, single handwritten letters have altered the course of history, they have changed hearts, they have changed lives, and they and YOU have the ability to heal and comfort a grieving heart.

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