Moms, we do not have the hardest job in the world

Being a stay at home mother is hard.

And sometimes you don’t want to do it. Sometimes you need “me” time. Sometimes you are so tired of the “hold me’s” and the constant touching, and the breakfasts lunches and dinners, the never ending to do list, and the worrying. OH the worrying!  Worrying you are doing enough, doing it right, and if they are getting any of it.

There are plenty of blog posts to tell you that you are “enough” that “motherhood is the HARDEST”  that “it’s ok”, that “you will get though it”,  “enjoy the small moments”, and that “It’s TOTALLY worth having the hardest job in the world.”

This is not one of those blog posts. This is a swift kick in the butt… which often we also need.

Being a Stay at Home Mother is NOT the hardest job in the world. 

We have “go to park, museum, library, playgroup” on our to do lists. All of which we typically get to hangout with friends while our kids play. Our “clients” LOVE and adore us to death and we love them the same. We get to spend all day with them. And when we do have a bad day and don’t REALLY want be at work we get to stay in PJ’s all day long and distract our kids with all day TV and movie marathons, order in pizza, and be on FB for most of the day. We can even call a friend with a “PLEASE take my kids for a few hours today?” for a small break.

I’ve spent ALL day at the beach plenty of times and that was my day at work.  I see a friend or at least chat on the phone with one at least once a day. My kids, while they can be rude and obnoxious, and yell and scream and even bite, give me kisses and “I’m sorry’s” and “I love yous” and they are without a doubt the best snugglers in the world. I know my husband’s employees and co-workers don’t come back with kisses and snuggles after they’ve yelled at him.

There are plenty more examples but those are just a few of some things that make my job much easier than most others.

So I’m calling it, being a stay at home mom isn’t the hardest job in the world. I’m putting my foot down to the common phrase. Can we PLEASE STOP SAYING IT? I’m not saying it’s a walk in the park, not even close, it’s hard in unique ways, it’s challenging, it’s the pits sometimes and it is hard, SO HARD. But can we just say that it’s hard without putting ourselves on a pedestal, without belittling others and saying that we are working harder than anyone else in the world? 

Lets say that it is the hardest job in the world. Heck, maybe it is the hardest job you have ever done or it is YOUR hardest job in the world….SO WHAT? What favors is this phrase doing anyone? All it’s done for me is be a good excuse to complain and not do my job better… that’s it.

So let’s stop whining and complaining about how we have such a crazy schedule, that we don’t get days or nights off, that we don’t have enough time in the middle of the work day to watch our episode of Gilmore girls, or do our pinterest craft because little hands won’t stop messing it all up. I don’t want to hear from myself or anyone else anymore how you we don’t have enough time to do everything you WANT to do. We are at work for heavens sake. So let’s WORK.

This job is hard. But we can totally TOTALLY do it. We are awesome. YOU are awesome. You are a champion. Your kids LOVE you. And you are capable of learning and working hard and changing and jumping into this crazy job 100%. You don’t need the phrase that this is the “hardest job in the world” to feel better about yourself or to be an excuse to not be doing it better. This job doesn’t have to be the “hardest” to have it be important and fulfilling.

Our job is awesome. It really is. We get to do SO much that so many other people don’t get to do during their work day. Let’s focus on THAT. Because while our job isn’t the hardest in the world, it sure is one of the best. 


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